ESE Consultants Ltd

This company also seems to trade as ‘ESE Services Ltd’. They’re not just known to us, check out the following links:

Solar installer reprimanded by council after ‘hiccups’ led to potentially misleading marketing

Renewable Energy Consumer Code non-compliance panel

They have recently commenced a very aggressive marketing campaign where they send the following letter to “Homeowner”:

Your Solar PV System We are writing with important information regarding your solar panels system. Our records indicate you haven't received your free health check and service on your system and your warranty may be due to expire. Please contact our booking team free of charge to validate your warranty and book your Health check quoting reference A/XXXXXX. Almost all inverters that have been installed over the last 7 years have a 5-year warranty as standard. This means that a huge proportion of millions of solar installations in the UK have now expired.

The old adage “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” applies here.

If your inverter manufacturer’s warranty or installer’s warranty has expired it doesn’t mean that your PV system is about to go wrong. As long as the system is producing as it always has, leave it well alone.

It’s obvious from their letter that they’re going to be pushing upgrades to SolarEdge equipment.