Solar Scams UK

A brief introduction to this site…

This site was set up by honest people within the UK solar photovoltaic industry. The purpose of the site is to try to publicise the activities of a few companies who make their money by scamming ordinary decent folk. Their usual modus operandi consists of one or more of the following:

  • They offer a ‘free healthcheck’ to owners of solar photovoltaic systems. Their ‘engineer’ usually looks suspiciously like a salesperson and without tools or test kit informs the unsuspecting householder that there is something wrong with their system.
  • They may claim that they have a device that will get more out of the inverter (a voltage optimisation device). These are never necessary.
  • They can improve yields by 25% or more by installing optimisers to the solar panels. Improvements can be realised in some cases where extreme shading exists, but never enough to justify the outlay.
  • They’ll tell you that the original installer has ceased trading, which may or may not be true but it certainly doesn’t mean that there is anything faulty with your system.
  • They may even tell you that the original installer has passed on the business to them.

In the menu of this website you will see a list of the worst offenders, together with an explanation of what they are pushing so that you can decide for yourself if their offer is worth the outlay.

The bottom line…

All of the above is complete claptrap. If you have any issues or concerns with your system then consult a reputable installer. Reputable installers don’t cold-call or send marketing bumf through the post.

We would encourage you to report any dubious activity to your local Trading Standards Officers.

Featured Scammers

ESE Consultants Ltd

This company also seems to trade as ‘ESE Services Ltd’. They’re not just known to us, check out the following links: Solar installer reprimanded by council after ‘hiccups’ led to potentially misleading marketing Renewable Energy Consumer Code non-compliance panel They have recently commenced a very aggressive marketing campaign where they send the following letter to “Homeowner”: The old adage “there’s no such thing as a […]

EEC Solar

This company is an old hand at conning householders out of their hard-earned money. They offer a free inspection and test of your system which leads to them trying to push upgrades to SolarEdge optimisers and inverter, or just an inverter replacement. These are always very expensive and usually unnecessary.

New Age Innovation

This is another cold calling company. They will tell you that your original installer is no longer trading and that this means that you need them to send someone round to perform a ‘health check’ on your solar PV system. Their salesman will take a quick look at your inverter, then without even a screwdriver he will tell you that one or more of your […]

Energy Watchdog

This company uses cold calling to generate their business. They use an official sounding name as a weak attempt to gain credibility. They ask for the householder by name, then ask if the PV system is working OK. They then say that many installers have ceased trading then they try to book an appointment for a ‘voltage check’. If you accept their offer they’ll send […]